Froggy Goes to Hawaii

What a disaster.

First, their attire.  I hope they don’t make Aloha Shirts like that anymore.  And why, why, when people go to Hawaii do they feel they HAVE to wear an Aloha shirt everywhere?  Honestly, its okay to dress normally.  I promised.

Second, Froggy “raced through a giant bamboo forest and had a ninja fight with a coconut tree”.  In all my time spent in Hawaii (which I know isn’t a lot, but I try to be very aware of my surroundings), I can’t really recall a “bamboo forest”.  There is lots of bamboo and there is lots of forest in Hawaii, but not really any bamboo forests – especially ones in which little unaccompanied minor tourists would be allowed to run through without da hui catching them first.

Third, maybe its just me, but I don’t consider Hawaii “Jungle” like I would consider the amazon “Jungle”.  I think of tropical forest, or just forest because many parts of Hawaii are cold.  What island is Froggy on, anyways?

And, fourth, how can we not complete any good hawaiian vacation with some nice grass skirts, barely covered chests, and flower leis?

While I know this is probably the experience of many tourists, I can tell you right now that this book isn’t making it onto the revised recommended reading list of NHPI books on the Talk Story Website.  I’m a little disappointed that my library even owns 3 copies.  But, c’est la vie.  I’ve seen worse not just in our library, but in many libraries.


3 thoughts on “Froggy Goes to Hawaii

    • lol! i have to admit that i’ve tried to use froggy in multiple storytimes and i can just never make him work… I think our relationship was doomed from the start. that and I don’t like books with more than 1.5 sentences on a page probably…

  1. I would be surprised if your library didn’t own at least three copies of a new Froggy book, no matter the ridiculous content! I’m with you about Froggy and storytime, although I know he does have his many fans.

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