My first LAPL assignment

My other big first this month was my first assignment with Los Angeles Public Library.  I was assigned to the Alma Reaves Woods – Watts Branch Library on a Saturday afternoon.  Now, when most people hear Watts, they get scared.  Remember the Watts Riots?  Remember movies like Boyz n the Hood which depict inner-city LA in not the safest, friendliest light?  These are the images conjured up when someone mentions Watts.

Lucky for me though, I used to work at Woodcrest Library.  So I feel like I can handle anything.  Especially for a 4-hour shift on a Saturday at the end of Summer.  Come on.  This is kind of a no-brainer.  And, I was right.  It was the most uneventful library shift ever.  Well, maybe not ever.  The librarian in charge scolded a few people and I was nervous since it was a whole new library system and all, but the librarian in charge was super nice and helpful and put me right at ease.  I was only actually by myself for a short time, and whenever the librarian did something unusual (or, kind of anything at all), she explained what she did, the policy, and how different libraries do things.

She asked me how I felt when I was told I’d be going to Watts and I told her that since I worked at Woodcrest (barely a mile or two from Watts), that I wasn’t very intimidated and thought nothing much of it.  She said she understood completely because she worked at Mark Twain Library (just a few blocks from Woodcrest) and experienced many of the same problems at Mark Twain that we did at Woodcrest.  We decided, though, that Watts was deffinitely better than both of those libraries, and I was thankful to have an understanding ally.

Hopefully LAPL will call me again sometime soon…


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