A Wild and Crazy Month!

August has been nuts and filled with lots of work-related firsts for this underemployed librarian.  Let me start by saying that I was out of town for 10 days, and during those 10 days I did way too much work-related stuff for my own good.

The biggest thing I did?  Prepare for my first Skype interview.  Last month, I had an interview for a FT YA Librarian II at a library near my house.  Now, I’m not necessarily a YA Librarian, but I could be if I wanted to be.  And, usually Librarian II positions pass me up, but I still have 2 years of experience as a librarian.  So, I applied anyways and was quite surprised when I received the first interview.  The first interview was pretty short, only 5 questions, and I actually did really well.  I made the interviewers laugh, I made them sympathize with me, we had a jolly time.  I ranked 4th on that list.  I was ecstatic.  And then I thought about the timeline.  I received 2 weeks notification of the interview, and, upon receiving my score, looked two weeks into the future and saw that I would be out of state.  So I hoped, and I prayed for 2 weeks after the interview notification.

Fast forward one week as I’m packing and generally stressing out as I normally do before any trip, and I get an email.  An email letting me know I have an interview in one week in Los Angeles.  Serious vacation bummer.  I’m set to return late the next Wednesday.  I already used up all my frequent flier miles for this flight, and I missed my aunty’s funeral because I’d already paid for this trip and couldn’t afford the flight change fee.  There was no way I’d be able to afford the flight change fee this time either to come home 2 days early and totally miss spending time at my grandparent’s house.  So, I took a risk and asked if I could reschedule my interview for thursday (super wishful thinking) or do a phone interview.  They one-upped me and offered me a skype interview instead.  I was ecstatic!  I actually really wanted this job.  I know that I can be a damn good children’s librarian.  I know that its what I want.  But a YA librarian? I never really thought about it, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted the challenge.  Especially the challenge of creating a YA program from the ground up.  This library has never had a YA librarian before.

And health insurance doesn’t hurt either.

So, the night before my interview, I hook up my laptop to my uncle’s ghetto (i’m pretty sure possibly stolen) internet cable, track down someone to skype with just to make sure everything is working right, and lo and behold, my sound doesn’t work!  Now, I’ve used this laptop for skype before.  Christian and I skyped just the week before because we were too lazy to yell across our 700 square foot house.  I was having a heart attack.

Luckily, it was nothing a little computer re-start couldn’t fix, but of course I didn’t think about that until 20 min after I started freaking out.

The morning of the interview I couldn’t focus on anything.  I was having a damn near panic attack.  I tend to do these things when I put a lot of pressure on myself to achieve something.  I sit in my uncle’s room 30 min before the interview is supposed to start.  I close all the windows (the dog next door likes to bark), turned off the fan, and closed the door to avoid any sound and distractions.  In case you didn’t know, Lahaina, Maui, is hot as hell in August.  let me repeat.  HOT AS HELL.  I was dying.  I even put up makeup for this interview and a sweater and tried to look all professional.  All while having a panic attack.

11:30 HST comes, and I start holding my breath.  Then, my phone rings.  They can’t get their skype to work!  Arghhhh.  It turns into a phone interview.

My first phone interview!

Since I’m hot as hell, I take off my sweater and try to figure out this change in events.  The first question (which is almost always the same question in every interview Ive ever been on in Libraryland) fires and I answer.  But, since I have no visual and no facial cues, how do they know I’m done?  It’s totally akward.  And, I tell them so.  I’m honest with them.  Letting them know this is my first phone interview and its weird that I can’t see their faces and I have no facial cues to feed off of.  They reassure me, we all have a chuckle, they tell me they promise they’re not making faces at the phone, and the interview continues.  Pretty splendidly, I think.  I feel super duper confident when I hang up the phone 20 minutes later.  They even tell me that they can feel my enthusiasm through the phone.  I’m ready to go buy souvenirs and start packing for home.  I’m ready for a little celebration at my awesomeness.  I’m hopeful and my anxiety attack lessens to only grinding my teeth (which I’ve been doing a lot of the last 2 weeks).

I’m sure you’re hoping for me that I got the job.  But, alas, by Friday I received the email saying Thanks but no thanks.  Even though this isn’t my first rejection letter, I’m still bummed.  I’ve totally immersed myself in all things YA the last few weeks and was super excited and getting creative about what to do.  I even got superstitious and didn’t tell anyone.  And then I told like 3 people and I got the rejection.  The next interviews I have, I’m not telling anyone… Except maybe my husband.  I have a peer who also applied for the job, so I hope that she gets it.  It’s more her dream job than mine, and hopefully fate will work out.  Something perfect will come along for me and I won’t have to settle for anything.  And that’s the job that I’ll get.


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