So I’ll admit it.  I’m lazy.  And sometimes its easier to watch the boob tube instead of read.  So, I’m taking on my own SRP for myself.  MY goal is to read for at least 30 min or 30 pages each day this summer (whichever comes first since everyday is different and every book is different as I read Children’s and Adult Lit).  I don’t know what I’m going to give myself at the end other than self-satisfaction, but depending on how many books I’ve actually read, that might just be enough.  I’m also going to encourage myself to read different genres than what I usually read – since I usually read nothing but realistic fiction unless its super popular like hunger games or twilight were – and to be honest, I’m getting kind of bored with realistic fiction.  So I’m starting my SRP with the YA book Airborn by Kenneth Oppel which is kind of a steampunk, fantasy, alternate reality kind of world book.  AKA stuff I don’t usually read but which comes highly recommended.

I know that I could do a real Adult SRP at a library, but I don’t like being entered into raffles because I never win and I’m too lazy usually to go to libraries other than the ones I work at and it seems a little unethical if a YR Librarian was to win a prize at the institution in which they work, so I will forgo those and do this on my own.  I’ll try to be honest and check in periodically here so that you guys can make sure I’m reading too…


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