I hope our children are as weird as we were…

After my grandmother passed away, I began subjecting Christian to old family movies that my Tutu would take of us kids playing randomly.  Like really really randomly.  A lot of it was watching us ride bikes in circles or eating lunch.  I am usually wearing some kind of Disney Character shirt and loud, mid-90s neon shorts.  But there was also some really awesome stuff, like gymnastics in the front yard and mystery solving in which you could see all of our adult personalities in child-like bodies before the innocence of childhood melted away.

In watching these videos, Christian seems shocked and amused by the weird, weird and bossy child that I was.  There is a video in particular (the gymnastics one), where we are all doing cartwheels and somersaults and my brother is scoring us (this was the summer of the 1996 Atlantic Olympics when I wanted to be Shannon Miller).  It starts off as good fun and then starts to get competitive and then ends when I go to do some kind of lay-mans version of a half pike and mess up and fall on my ass and then proceed to blame everyone, particularly my grandmother, for talking too much and ruining my concentration as I stand there with a single braid down my back, rice bowl bangs, wearing a purple/red/black/brown leotard over green/blue/white bicycle shorts and have legs far too long and a waist far too skinny.

And so, this post-secret is dedicated to my husband and my poor future children who probably have no choice but to be a little weird.  Which isn’t such a bad thing if you ask me!

also, please recognize that that child is wearing a White Ranger Costume, who’s name was Tommy and starred in the original Power Ranger Series and dated Kimberly the Pink Ranger.  My favorite was the asian one (as were the majority of my favorites growing up because I wanted to be asian), Trini, the Yellow Ranger, and I always wanted her to date Billy, the Blue Ranger because he was so smart and getting them out of jams using brains not braun.

As I said before, sometimes the person you are in childhood never really changes… lol.


2 thoughts on “I hope our children are as weird as we were…

  1. I love this blog, and I love you – weirdness and all! : )

    Can you still do somersaults and cartwheels?

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