SRP Mania

Ah June.  The best month ever.  My birthday, the first day of summer – what more can you ask for?  This June is going to be pretty bad ass.  I’m heading to Vegas for my first ever girls weekend in 2 days and then at the end of the month, 2 days after my birthday, I’m heading down to New Orleans for ALA and to finish up my Emerging Leaders journey.

But, for now, I’m focused on PVLD’s Summer Reading Program which starts today, One World, Many Stories!  Our program is marked by how many minutes read and for every 2.5 hours of reading, kids get a patch!  After they’ve read for 15 hours and collected all the new patches, they can collect patches from previous years – maybe they missed a few during one summer or they weren’t born yet (a scary but totally feasible issue) or they just want more of the same one.  Some of the patches are pretty snazzy, let me tell you.  Once the box comes up I’ll post pictures of some of my favorite patches… hehe.

sorry for the shoddy iphone camera work — i’ll try harder next time!

Anyways, if you don’t already participate, I recommend bringing your kids down!  It’s a lot easier than girl scouts or boy scouts and they can make an awesome little sash and add to it every year 😀


2 thoughts on “SRP Mania

  1. oh hell yes it is! I tried to convince my sister to read more last year so that she could give me the patches I wanted, but she didn’t go for it…

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