How do you make purchasing decisions?

Let me start off by saying: I don’t purchase books.  I have never been in the position to do so and the thought of it scares me a little bit.  I know that purchasing is supposed to be one of the greatest freedoms of working for a small city or district library instead of a huge system like County of LA and that since hardly anyone gets to make individual purchasing decisions anymore, those who have it need to grasp onto that gift.  And I agree.  But its scary!  There are SO many books out there and you can’t read ’em all before they’re published and you need to buy for a huge section.  How do you pick?

Many people go by reviews.  Some people focus on starred reviews.  While this is great in theory, there is a great article on why you need to think a little more for yourself and rely a little less on specific or starred reviews and maybe you’ll have a copy of that award winner on your shelf BEFORE it actually wins an award and everyone can’t believe why you didn’t already own it…

But I’m not also overworked and underpaid AND have to make purchasing decisions… So maybe I’m just being idealistic.


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