Leaves and Things

Well guys, there was something I didn’t account for when I said I’d blog everyday this month.  And namely, that was ho’ike and all the time that comes along with ho’ike.  So, just FYI, my posting this week will probably be much more sporadic and possibly non sensical at times.  But I will try my best…

So, let me tell you how my weekend went.  On Friday, I worked until 6, came home and ate dinner real fast, and then spent time at the halau making ti-leaf skirts.  Ti-leaf skirt making on Friday started at 8:30pm (for me – I’m always the last one because I usually work the latest) and ended at 3:30am.  I made multiple skirts at least.  Not just my own, and I showed a vast improvement in my ti-leaf skirt tying skills.  So much so, that I came back to the halau on Saturday and made 8 keiki skirts from 1pm – 6pm.  Then I went home and cried about how sore my wrists and fingers were.  Sunday was dedicated to our first of a number of dress rehearsals in our future for this week… And, as proof, here are some photos of our fabulous ti-leaf skirt making!

And if you’re interested, make sure you come check out our ho’ike this Saturday, April 2, 6:30pm at El Camino College’s Marsee Auditorium.  Tickets are $18 pre-sale (until Thursday) and $20 at the door!

Leaves, leaves, everywhere you look, leaves!

Honey and Pi’i are shredding the ti-leaf stems.

The key is to get it thin enough that its pliable and you can tie it into a fancy knot but not so thin that it just disintegrates.

The worker bees are tying the leaves onto rope

Notice all the coffee mugs on the table… lol.

And here we have 1 finished skirt… out of like 30 to be made.


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