Kittens! Inspired by… Kittens!

Yesterday, on a very very rainy morning, I got to do a Cat storytime at Miraleste Library.  I wasn’t sure if anyone would come – it was pouring cats and dogs – but I think after a weekend of cold and rain, moms, dads, caregivers, and kids were all sick of each other so they trekked it out to the library.  Whenever I do cat storytimes, I can’t help but think of this youtube video which came out while I was in grad school – in fact, I think, when I was taking Storytelling…

So, whenever I say Kittens and I’m around children, I sound like a 5 year old because I can’t help but go Kit-tens! in a high pitched voice.

Anyways, the storytime was so fun!  I made finger puppets (see above) for the fingerplay 5 Little Kittens and we also sang “Soft Kitty”, which I only know from Big Bang Theory as Sheldon’s feel better song.  So, as you can see, this storytime had all kinds of inside jokes for me… I don’t know if anyone else found them.  No one laughed outwardly so I’m thinking not.

My favorite story of the day?

The kids were so nervous for chicken, cow, pig, and especially the mouse.  Hilariously, though, they didn’t worry about Fat Cat sitting on Dog.

Jimmy and I also got our routine down a little better and he even spoke this time!  Long enough to introduce the one-word storytime and then scare himself back into his shell.

I really have to thank the crowd for the success of this storytime though.  They were energetic and participatory and SMILING.  That’s all I need, is someone smiling and singing along with me and it’s a good day!

p.s. those finger puppets are hand sewn by yours personally… i’m really proud of them!


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