UCLA Racist Chick, Once and For All

So, I saw this disappointing bit of news in the paper today.  Alexandra Wallace will be leaving UCLA by choice – not because UCLA was going to take any sort of disciplinary action against her.

Apparently, she is upset because she was ostracized from the UCLA community after her comments.  Well duh.  What did she expect?  Particularly if UCLA wasn’t going to take any action on the administration level, the least she should have expected would have been to be ostracized by the collective student body.  The threats against her were unnecessary, but that’s the risk you take blasting your opinions all over the internet.  Nothing is a secret and anything can go viral.  While yes, this was her first amendment right to speak like a jack ass, sometimes that right covers far too many misgivings to not be upsetting.  But, upsetting things are what gets things done, and hopefully having the racial discrimination that is on every campus flung into our faces, it will be a call to administration that ethnic studies, ethnic classes, and ethics classes are a necessity for all of the student body.

and i think i’m done giving Alexandra Wallace the fame, attention, and time she doesn’t really deserve.  The issue of racial discrimination is one that continues to ask for our attention and will continue to do so for a long time.


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