Play & Learn, Learn & Grow

PVLD has this awesome Play and Learn Island (PAL) on loan from Rancho Cucamonga Library.  There are different types of PAL models, all focusing on different areas of learning –

The themes of the four PAL Islands are “Discovery Dig”, “Make it Move”, “Big Build”, and “IlluminART”.  They incorporate problem solving, sorting, sharing, early literacy skills, design and testing, and collaboration. Their colorful design, scale and varied activities appeal to a range of ages, encouraging families to play and explore together, while they imagine, discover, create, and bring learning to life.

PALs were designed out of an LSTA grant from the CA State Library and have been on loan to other libraries as well, such as the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library.

So far, the PAL has been amazing.  We’ve only had it for 2 days, but in the nearly 8 hours I’ve been on the desk since Tuesday, I haven’t seen it left untouched at all.  The kids seem to really love it and both parents and children have been respectful of the area (aka cleaning up after themselves) and teach other (aka sharing).  The kids are making friends with each other, and its just one more avenue for them to learn while having fun.  I am really amazed at the lack of mess that this has left also – I had visions of blocks and pieces everywhere – but, amazingly, I haven’t seen a block left out of place that a parent or child didn’t put away.

We have it on loan until Mid-April and I suggest taking the time to come down and check it out!


5 thoughts on “Play & Learn, Learn & Grow

  1. Hi Lessa! We just got the Big Dig over here at Carson and we love it! What kind of programs have you done with it so far?

    • ooooo! i’ll have to stop by one day and check it out. Maybe we can grab lunch!

      We haven’t done any programming with it — what kinds of programming are you guys thinking of doing? We just leave it out for the kids to play with…

      • Your PAL has the sandbox as well, right? Kelly is doing this really neat program with dinosaurs and Richard Wade, where they will learn about different types of fossils and dinosaurs and even conduct their own “dig”. We are also having a teen sand sculpting contest and a toddler sand castle day. 🙂

        And, yes please! Let’s go grab some grub! 🙂

      • ohhhhh! awesome! you guys are so creative. we don’t have the one with the sandbox. It’s all building materials and gears. I wanted the sandbox one though!

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