Racist Chick and UCLA’s AAS Dept.

I wonder if this girl has had her ass kicked on campus yet.  Anyways, UCLA’s Asian American Studies Department released an official statement about the whole shenannigan I discussed yesterday, basically calling for punishment by UCLA administration and also calling for UCLA to look at their (lack of) diversity requirement.

I was unaware that UCLA is the only UC school in which there is NO diversity requirement.  It makes a lot of sense that the campus seems to be racially undiverse in comparison to other places – its because it is.

update: In light of Heawon’s comment about Alexandra receiving death threats, I would like to note that I do not condone real physical violence towards this girl, or anyone.  “Punch someone in the face”, for me, is never meant literally and is my code for “They make me so angry, I wish I condoned physical violence”.  Plus, i don’t want to get in trouble when this girl does indeed experience some kind of wrath for her ignorance.


4 thoughts on “Racist Chick and UCLA’s AAS Dept.

  1. I agree… But also it kind of made me cringe and mad at some of death threats made against her by some angry people… Now those threats overshadowed her “famous” antics!!! Idiots!!!!!

    • anytime people start making death threats, you know you’ve made it. I don’t understand why people have to go there. Like when people started making death threats to the Tiger Mom lady. It’s one thing to jest about an ass-kicking, which I promise i was, but it’s another to actually do it.

      I hope the embarrassment this girl has caused herself and the university has changed her way of thinking. Although her statement in today’s Daily Bruin sounded more like a “I’m sorry I got caught” kind of thing.

  2. I’m sorry to say that and I do not mean any disrespect or anything, but I don’t think UCLA would punish this girl. If it was the other way around (some Japanese students making such comments), then yes, we would see some severe punishments!

    • from the comments coming out of UCLA, I think you’re right. They are saying things like she didn’t violate her first amendment rights and she probably didn’t even violate the code of conduct — which I have no clue what goes into UCLA’s code of conduct and I was admitted twice. and I hope that this violates the code of conduct because it offended at least 34% of the campus’ population, not to mention faculty and alumni.

      It sounds like other than these letters and videos of reprimand from the Chancellor, she’s just going to get a tap on the wrist (i.e. having to rearrange her finals schedule so she doesn’t get attacked). She should be sentenced to at least sensitivity training or racial brainwashing….

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