Unsurprising Racist UCLA Chick

So, apparently there is a youtube video of a girl complaining about the hoardes of Asians who make a ruckus in the library on their cell phones.  Because I’ve been at work all day, I can’t actually hear what she says (and the original video has been taken down), but I read a transcript and it was pretty terrible what she said.  The video was made recently because she complained about them calling their families who could have possibly been victims in the tsunami, which happened what? Thursday night PST?

Everyone is upset and up in arms, which they absolutely should be.  This girl is disgusting and sickening.  And if I have to explain to you WHY she is disgusting and sickening, then you probably shouldn’t read this blog anymore and we probably shouldn’t be friends.

But, with all that said, I’m not surprised.  Having spent 4 years at UCLA (2 Undergrad and 2 Grad), I was shocked and appalled at the amount of racism and ignorance amongst the campus.  The campus isn’t even close to racially diverse.  Colorlines gives a breakdown at the end of their article of the racial demographics of the campus.  Asians & NHPI make up  32.3% of the population and White people make up 35.48% of the population.  That’s pretty close in numbers (although in raw numbers its about a 1000 person difference).  What about everyone else though?

0.4% of UCLA’s student population are American Indian/Alaskan Native

3.63% are African-American/Black

12.9% are Latino.

UCLA has been badgered about their lack of racial diversity for a long time.  But what have they done to bolster the racial diversity?  And let’s not mention that they still classify Asians/Pacific Islanders in the same breathe.  I can guarantee you that the majority of the people in that category are Asian and not PI based upon the low education rates of the PI community.

Sitting in classes as an undergrad, I was shocked.  Where were all the people who looked like me?  Growing up in Torrance, I was used to a fairly decent amount of racial diversity – including NHPI’s.  But once I got to UCLA, people looked at me like I was an alien when I would say I was Native Hawaiian.  And, at that point, we didn’t even have a PI faculty member in the Asian American Studies department – which supposedly is supposed to also study PIs.  And don’t get me started on the ruckus I caused when I took a class in the AAS department which had Asian Pacific American in its title.  After going over the syllabus, I asked the professor, where’s the Pacific part?  And she looked at me like I was nuts.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that in a society where people think we’re now colorblind because we have an African-American president and where people think we’re post-racial, this is a friendly reminder that we most certainly are not and that this girl has friends who probably share her viewpoints, they all have parents who didn’t nip this horribleness in the bud early on – since they probably taught it to their children – and, they will probably procreate the same horribleness that is portrayed in this video.

Post-racial my ass.  We still have a long way to go.

and yes, I will recognize that we’ve come a long way (I can hear the commentary), but that doesn’t mean we’ve made it to the finish line.


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