The Big Apple

This is seriously the last time I make a vow to blog everyday.  My market is getting saturated.  People are tired of this thing.  But, I made a promise to myself, and if there’s one thing I know how to do is to finish a promise I make (to myself) no matter how painful it is!

So, for today, and maybe tomorrow, I will be sharing some photos of my recent trip to the big apple.  I have decided that the place I want to live is like NY, but with the child-friendliness of Seattle, and with a little LA thrown in.  When I visited Seattle in October, I really liked it, but I couldn’t see myself living there for more than a few years (which sucked, because Christian and I had been hoping to move there).  When I visited NYC, I kinda expected that I wouldn’t like it because of all the hustle and bustle and the snow, but I really kind of loved it.  If I wasn’t anticipating on having kids within the next few years, I would try to move there and see if I can make it.  But, talk about high cost of living.  They make LA look cheap!  So, thus, NY is out, but I can still visit, right?  And maybe the next time I visit I’ll actually be able to see colors (like the green of central park instead of white).

View of Central Park from the American Museum of Natural History

Wishes by y.o. at MOMA

The Kid Lit selection at Holy Trinity Church

The Children’s Room at NYPL
(I was underwhelmed)

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