Mooses, Meeses, I want a Moose that lays golden eggs for Easter… wait…

Next month I am lucky enough to get to substitute for 3 different storytimes!  I’m very excited but am having trouble coming up with a theme.  I come up with these themes, but then I either don’t find enough books or enough stories to fill the whole time, and for some reason I get kind of anal about sticking to the theme.  I’ve gotten better since I’ve been working at PV and observing lots of different storytimes, but whenever I deter from the theme I still get a little nervous.

One of the themes I am focusing on is Moose (it bothers me that the plural for moose is moose and not meese – like geese – or mooses).  I found some fabulous stories.  I heard a great one last night observing a storytime at RBPL, Looking for a Moose by Phyllis Root.  I also love Ernest, the Moose Who Doesn’t Fit by Raynor.

The hard part for my moose storytime isn’t the books – its the song.  I’ve come up with “Down by the Bay” which talks about a moose and a polka dotted goose and I’ve found a boy scout call and response song called the “Crazy Moose” who likes to drink Juice.  It’s kind of cute… Until you watch this performance from a Boy Scout camp:

It kinds of makes me not want to put my kids into Boy Scouts.  That guy seems like he’s either never been kissed and/or has some much larger and creepy issues to work on.

But, by watching some other videos, the song seems pretty cute.  Except thats 2 call and response songs, and I usually have a hard enough time getting everyone to participate and do 1 call and response song correctly.

So, if anyone has any ideas for songs about Moose, please share!


3 thoughts on “Mooses, Meeses, I want a Moose that lays golden eggs for Easter… wait…

  1. My advice is to be flexible about your theme! My experience is that it always goes better when you do songs, books, and rhymes that you like. I’ve dropped more than one theme that just wasn’t working. And remember that themes are for adults–children do not care and most of the time I don’t even think they notice! I like having a theme because it’s fun for me, but don’t drive yourself crazy over it.

  2. Don’t worry about the themes too much. Seriously. Or do easy ones that you can find a lot of stuff on, example farm animals. Or food (The Hungry Caterpillar works, as well as Me Hungry, How Do Dinosaurs for the older age group…. ) Dinosaurs work really well too. If you want any dino suggestions, please let me know… I have done dino programs year in and year out for the 3-5s. Last year I did a blog about story time rhymes called It became a bit hard thinking of new rhymes all the time. One easy adaptation is this one (making this up based off one of the other rhymes I have heard)

    My little moose is funny and brown (do hands with antlers on your head).

    He jumps quickly up! (jump up!)
    And he flops back down! (flop down)

    He bends to the left,
    then bends to the right (move side to side)

    Then my funny little moose
    walks out of sight (lower hands).


    One little moose went out to play
    In a forest far away.
    He had such enormous fun,
    that he called another little moose to come.

    And count to five.


    I am a big moose (teapot song)
    strong and tall.
    Here is my antler,
    Here is my paw.

    When I get excited, I run and jump.
    I love to jump and jump KERTHUMP!

  3. Thanks, guys!

    When I worked at Lomita and was doing storytimes weekly, I was smart and saved all of my storytimes to my flash drive. And then I lost my flash drive in NYC! So, I’m starting from scratch.

    I have those storytimes that I’m super comfortable with, like farm animals and bears and colors, but i want to try kind of off-beat stuff. In an interview last year, I was asked what kind of “original” storytime themes I had in my pocket and I went uhhhhh. I once did a storytime on Animals who do wierd things (I read stories like Bark George by Feiffer and the Silliest Cat in the World by Bachelet) but I didn’t think that was a very sufficient answer…

    Maybe a good thing for me to start thinking about is modifying existing rhymes like you did, Tina. That was ingenious!

    And, I think my fears of theme-specificness are at least a little alleviated by your guys’ support :0) It’s like an addiction – It takes time. lol.

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