2010 California Census Data & NHPI Reppin’

If i hadn’t become a librarian, I would’ve worked for the Census.  The facts they compile and analyze are so interesting and the information goes on for days.  When I was an undergrad Sociology major, the Census and I were BFF.  But, I didn’t want to take more Statistics, and working for the census (as an analyzer of some sort) sounded hard to get into, so I decided to go to library school instead.

The fact that I don’t work for the census doesn’t make me any less excited to fill it out though and see the results (I am also the daughter of a genealogist, so I know the importance of Census data to my great-great-great-great grandchild).  2010 was the first time I got to fill out a census as an independent adult, so this is especially exciting for me.

Anyways, California’s data was released this week and here are some of (my) the highlights:

CA Total Population: 37,253,956

CA Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander (NHPI) Population (ALONE): 144,386

That’s 0.387% of California’s overall population.  This number may sound insignificant, but keep in mind that the MAJORITY of NHPI respondents are “Two or More Races” and this figure only signifies those CA residents claiming ONE race — so technically what this says is that 0.387% of California’s population is made up of people who are 100% Hawaiian.  Although, since this is self-reporting, people may think or claim they are ONLY Hawaiian when they’re mixed just like the rest of us.

CA Two or More Races (That’s my household!): 1,815,384

That’s 4.87% of California’s population who claims bi- and multi-racial ancestry.  That seems like a pretty significant number to me.

LA County Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander Population: 26,094

That’s 18% of the NHPI population in CA and 0.07% of the total population of California.  Other counties with HIGHER numbers of NHPI’s in CA: NONE!  The next county the the second highest population of NHPIs? San Diego County with 15,337

gotta love the stereotypical images used to promote filling out the Census to the NHPI community.  Because we all walk around wearing malo and lei po’o… I stumbled across a blog which points out the stereotypes used in much of the Census’ advertising…  Anyways, back to the stats.

CA Population of NHPIs in combination with one or more races:

*please note that I stopped at people who checked 3 races, one of them being NHPI.  The numbers for after 3 races were much smaller, and at that point, while I feel that its probable, I don’t think people need to get THAT crazy on the census.  And people who checked 5 or more races (aka all of them! well practically – too choose all 6 races listed would be all of them, and 123 people did that) were just being assholes and not taking the Census seriously.  That’s what I think anyways. lol.

What did I mark for this category?  NHPI/White.  I am 1/32 (or less? I don’t actually know the number.  I just know that my great grandfather was some kind of Hawaiian/Chinese mixture) Chinese, but come on, I’m not gonna mark Asian for 1/32.  In Hawaiian Homestead terms, I’m not even NHPI and I’m nearly 1/4, so why am I gonna mark off the 1/32 unclaimed, illigitimate Chinese when the most Chinese thing about me is that I’m cheap and I like Orange Chicken (American Orange Chicken anyways)

2 Races:

NHPI/Asian: 39,339

NHPI/White: 39,258 <— I am 1 of 39,258!  aka 0.00254% if this (NHPI/White) population.

NHPI/Asian beat out NHPI/White by less than 100 people! Crazy!

NHPI/Some Other Race: 15,089

NHPI/Black: 7,548

NHPI/AIAN (American Indian/Alaskan Native): 2,321

3 Races:

NHPI/White/Black: 2,158

NHPI/White/AIAN: 2,109

NHPI/White/Asian: 20,149

And here we have the Asians and the Whites joining forces.  In the last category, they competed against each other.  In this category, they are one dominating power.

NHPI/White/Some Other Race: 2443

NHPI/Black/AIAN: 427

NHPI/Black/Asian: 1,545

NHPI/Black/Some Other Race: 481

NHPI/AIAN/Asian: 739

NHPI/AIAN/Some Other Race: 361

NHPI/Asian/Some Other Race: 1,733

Man, that is a lotta numbers! Does your head hurt yet?  Mine kinda does.  So what do these multi-racial bring to the Census results table other than a lot of addition? It means that, a whopping 286,145 (0.76%)  people claimed NHPI alone or in combination with another race and an increase over the population in the 2000 census, which was 0.7% of the total population of CA.  AND, this is just my addition because the Census factfinder is too smart for me and I’m having a hard time navigating it.  I’ll get a hang of it soon… But, then numbers might even be higher.

okay, okay.  enough numbers for today… too much math!

(I think the leaves are supposed to make it appeal to the indigenous crowd… Since we’re all in tune with nature and animals like Snow White)


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