Bear in Love by Samantha Davis

I’m not usually into mushy-gushy stuff.  Christian and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day.  We figure, why pick one crappy day out of the year to buy each other stuff we don’t need and have yet another excuse to spend money we probably don’t have, when we can do that year-round and not stress out about reservations, or living up to the hype.

This book, though, is so cute!  Bear falls in love with Bunny, but he’s too shy to tell him.  Bear watches (kind of stalks, but in that romantic, Edward the vampire kind of way) Bunny from afar, imagining all the things they could do together, like ice skate in the winter and ride bikes in the spring.  But how does he tell Bunny?  Flowers? Cards?  Hmm… you’ll have to read it to find out!

P.S., the cover, where his heart is, is a rotating piece of cardboard that has “Loves Me” on one side and “Loves Me Not” on the other side.  Grab my heart strings why don’t ya!


2 thoughts on “Bear in Love by Samantha Davis

  1. Looks cute! Does it have cut out pages? I can’t tell from looking.

    Have you seen Henry in Love, by Peter McCarty? It is also super cute without being sappy. It is love grade school style, with blueberry muffins.

    • No cut out pages. Just the cover. The pages were thicker though – not quite board book, but not your regular picture book paper either.

      I have not seen Henry in Love by McCarty. I will have to check it out on Monday! love grade school style is the best

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