Dr. Seuss’ Birthday & I Got Interviewed!

Happy Birthday, Theodore Geisel!

I wish they made these sneakers in my size.  I’m not a fan of the adult sized Dr. Seuss chucks.  They only have the Grinch and a too busy pattern of Thing 1 and Thing 2 😦 Maybe I should start binding my feet…

I also realized today that I started at Woodcrest exactly one year ago today.  It was also my first storytime there and it was Read Across America Day so I read Dr. Seuss Classics like Hop on Pop and One Fish, Two Fish, and we sang some awesome songs.  I think I had a huge crowd of 3.  My how things have changed in the last year.  I went from hopeful and gainfully employed to pessimistic and partially employed.  But, in the end, I think the changes have been for the better and I think I’m making a decent career out of what I’ve got!

Now, for the other highlight of my day…. I got interviewed for a 2nd Grader’s homework!  Yay! I felt special.  She just needed to interview someone, anyone, and I was the sucker sitting at the desk 🙂  It was cute though.  Here’s the transcript from the interview:

Who do you admire?

My grandma because she’s a very strong woman

What’s your favorite food?

Spam Musubi (I was surprised!  She actually knew what it was.  Local culture is taking over the South Bay!  Now, we just need Musubi in 7-11 like Hawaii)

When is your birthday?

June 20

Where were you born?

Torrance (She told me she didn’t need to know that its in California – and then later revealed that it’s hard to write and she didn’t want to ask me how to spell it)

Why do you like your job?

Because I get to help a lot of awesome people find books

How is your job so awesome?

Because the people I get to work with are awesome.  Like You!

It’s no Rolling Stone Interview, but I had fun anyways!


4 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss’ Birthday & I Got Interviewed!

  1. I love that you find pleasure in being interviewed by a lil ‘un. You’re doing the good work, lovely librarian!

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