so many pictures… so little time

Tomorrow, Christian and I have a meeting with our co-authors to go over the progress we’ve made in compiling pictures for the book since we last met a few weeks ago.

My progress?  Ummm… I’ve sent out a lot of emails…  Talked to a lot of people about getting pictures… and have thought a lot about it and what kinds of pictures I want to include.  But actual picture compiling?  Not so much.  And now I’ll list the excuses to my procrastination:

1.  It’s hard meeting up with people to get the pictures.  Everyone is way too busy

2.  I hate cold-calling and cold-emailing is passive aggressive enough for me, but apparently too passive-aggressive to actually garner responses from people.  I will have to work on that this month I guess.

3.  I work better under a deadline.  I can guarantee you that in the 2 weeks leading up to the first big deadline we set for ourselves, March 28, that I will be working like a mad man.  Except that I know I can’t make that meeting because my hula halau is having our annual Ho’ike on Saturday, April 2 and I  have dress rehearsal March 28, so the meeting will have to be postponed, giving me one extra week to make up all the work I’ve been procrastinating on and look like I’m pulling my weight.

Anyone who read this blog back when I was “writing” my thesis… This all sounds eerily reminiscent.  Technically, I wrote my entire thesis in about 2 weeks.  But I “thought about it” for 8 units worth of credit for 2 quarters… I wish when I had done all the gathering of information for my thesis I had also asked them all for pictures since I’m soliciting many of the same organizations…

Live & Learn.  Well maybe not learn since I’m writing a blog about procrastinating instead of actually getting stuff done.

One picture really want to include but need to find out how to get permission for?  The photo below of Hahn, his wife, and my grandfather at the first Ho’olaule’a in Cerritos taken by a professional City of LA photographer…


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