Library Themed “Post Secret”

I have a secret.  I LOVE Post Secret.

And this week it seems Post Secret has some interesting library secrets.  I won’t reveal them all – one was not exactly G-Rated, but you can see all of them and more in the post

For those of you who don’t know (and I had to look it up because I only know general call numbers, not specific call numbers), 158.723 is essentially Job Burnout.

Poor librarian.  They can quit and give me their job instead 😉

These two just warmed my heart.  I kind of want to leave post-it notes inside of library books with inspirational sayings too… Or maybe just funny ones.  Or ones not in English so that the person can go look up what it means…


2 thoughts on “Library Themed “Post Secret”

  1. I started doing this. I met someone who picked up a book that I put a post it note in and they said that it made their day to know someone who felt the same as they did. It was beautiful 🙂

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