Giveaways by Linda Boyden

I haven’t read this all the way through yet, but it includes a variety of words and their origin, such as the history of the word Abalone, which began with the word aulon (a type of fish) in the language of the Muwekma Ohlone Nation.

I skipped straight to the Ukulele definition, which discussed its origins on a ship bringing Sugar Plantation Workers and carried by Joao Fernandes in 1879 to its naming, which they say Queen Lili’uokalani said “was a combination of two Hawaiian words: uku, meaning gift, and lele, meaning to come or ‘the gift that came here'”.  I felt the explanation was fairly simple, although got a little whimsical when the only real reference to the Hawaiian Islands were “the beautiful Hawaiian islands”.  While its true, was the adjective really necessary? And was that the only option?  That seems to be all people say of Hawai’i.  It’s beautiful.  The people are so nice.  etc. etc. etc.

cool book though! Can’t wait to read the whole thing…


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