dear patron,

just because I look young does not mean I am an idiot.  In fact, I am decently educated from pretty well-respected schools.  probably a better school than you went to since you think I’m an idiot who can’t spell tea-rific.  So sue me I thought it was tea-riffic.  I asked you how to spell the damn thing first and all you said was “the word is tea-rific. just put in tea-rific”.  fyi, saying the word over and over again is not telling me the letters to spell the damn thing.

and additionally, it is not MY fault that the catalog does not function the way you want it to.  Thank you, though, for teaching me how to do a search which does not produce the correct results.  I went to 2 years of library school to learn how to do catalog searches to actually locate the books people want, which is why I ignored the 60 seconds of babbling you did telling me what you did wrong and looked at you like you were an idiot after the 120 seconds of you trying to tell me how to do my job and failing miserably (you failed, not me. i would’ve found the stupid book if you could’ve answered my 1 question and let me get up to show you what a moron you are because obviously you DON’T know the system even though you kept repeating that you do).

but, as my co-worker reminded me the other day, you, asshole, are only 1 shitty patron I had out of the 40 other questions I satisfactorily answered for all the nice, polite, and patient patrons.  So kudos to them and screw you.

and thank you to the page who she actually let look for the book on the shelf and located it, making her look like an idiot.

*end rant*


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