Panel and Oral Preservation regarding Hawai’i’s 50th Anniversary as a state

Press Release


FEBRUARY 17, 2009
Contact: Arnie Saiki– Project Director, Statehood Hawaii
Phone: (323) 309-9686, (808) 218-4367



Los Angeles, CA-Statehood Hawaii in partnership with Kaleponi Advocates for Hawaiian Affairs (KA HA) and Visual Communications (VC) are sponsoring a public panel discussion with leaders from California Native Hawaiian Civic Groups and Clubs around the issue of Hawai’i’s 50th Anniversary of Statehood.

When: Saturday, March 7, 2009, 10am-3pm
10am-12:30pm: oral history tapings with kupuna.
1pm-3pm: round-table discussion moderated by Joel Jacinto.
Where: Banning’s Landing-100 East Water St, Wilmington, CA 90744
Info: Attendance is free.
This will be a documented round-table presentation, moderated by TBD.  VC will be documenting the event and we will be showing it on ‘Olelo (the cable station in Hawai’i), throughout the month of March.  Excerpts will also be streamed on the Statehood Hawaii website, and archived with KA HA, VC, as well as with the University of Hawaii at Manoa library, Hawaiian Collection.
Two questions we would like you to consider:
1)    What do you remember about Hawai’i becoming a state?
2)    How do you feel about statehood today?
Kaleponi Advocates of Hawaiian Affairs (KA HA) is a non-profit Native Hawaiian coalition of community leaders whose mission is to be the voice for all California Native Hawaiian communities working to protect Native Hawaiian entitlements through education, policy-making, training and service.

The mission of Visual Communications is to promote intercultural understanding through the creation, presentation, preservation and support of media works by and about Asian Pacific Americans.

Statehood Hawaii Statehood Hawaii presents panel discussions and forums as part of a public engagement and dialogue series. At the 50th anniversary of Hawai’i statehood, multiple perspectives about the past half century emerge, mixing the controversial with the nostalgic. Statehood Hawaii seeks to present all views giving the public an opportunity to share their perspectives through cross-media web/tv resources or through live public forum. Statehood Hawaii is in part supported by Hawaii Council for the Humanities.


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