Cultural Associations


Lei Hulu of California: “Lei Huluʻs objectives are to maintain this tradition of feathercraft by creating an awareness for an art long preserved by the Hawaiian people”

Contact: 206 E. 220th St., Carson, CA 90745

Office of Samoan Affairs Performing Arts: “an outreach program targeting Samoan/Pacific Islander youth with interests in cultural performances of traditional and modern dances, music, instruments, such as the ukulele…”


ʻAhahui o Liliʻiokalani Hawaiian Civic Club of Southern California:

Please see the previous entry on this organization

Contact: Keoni Jensen,

Hawaiʻiʻs Daughters Guild of California: “The Hawaiʻiʻs Daughters Guild was formed to promote and further retain the culture of the Hawaiian race through the development and practice of the distinctive Hawaiian crafts and talents handed down for generations.  And, through our scholarship program, our mission is to help further the education of deserving women of Polynesian ancestry.”

Contact: Laʻiekawaiopua Alo, 310-293-2136


Address: 18016 Western Ave., #114, Gardena, CA 90248

authorʻs note: i received scholarships for two consecutive years during my upper division work at UCLA.  They were very helpful and supportive!


Ke Po’okela Cultural Foundation: “The Ke Po‘okela Cultural Foundation, founded by Kumu Hula Rolanda ValentinReese, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the perpetuation and preservation of the Hawaiian culture through formal education in the study of traditional Hawaiian dance, music, language, values and traditions, history, arts and crafts. The Ke Po‘okela Cultural Foundation brings visibility to the Hawaiian culture by providing seminars, workshops and concerts, and by participating in community events.”

Ke Poʻokela has a yearly workshop (usually in May or June) called Kahena Ēwe which highlights different aspects of Hawaiian culture every year.  They also bring in guest speakers

Ke Po’okela has a corresponding Halau, Halau Hula Nā Meakanu O Laka O Hawaiʻi under the direction of Kumu Rolanda Mōhala Reese which began in Torrance in 1985, but is currently located in Lakewood.

Contact: Rolanda Reese,


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