‘Ahahui o Liliuokalani Civic Club of Southern California

The ‘Ahahui is one of the oldest clubs on the mainland.  In fact, my grandparents were part of the founding members and were at one time on the board.  Currently, my grandparents help out at fundraising functions, like Ho’olaule’a at Alondra Park and help sell Lau Lau.  The ‘Ahahui also gave me a scholarship for UCLA and I believe just gave one to my brother as he begins Culinary School at the Art Institute of California.  The most updated information I could find regarding the club’s activities and achievements is from 2006.  I am waiting for an e-mail from Uncle John regarding recent Activities and Achievements.

Although the contact information for ‘Ahahui is Uncle John’s personal address which is in Cerritos, the club holds most of their events and participates in events primarily in the Gardena area.  They used to hold meetings at the VFW Hall in Gardena on Western and Gardena Blvd.

‘Ahahui o Liliuokalani Hawaiian Civic Club of Southern California

  • Chartered on Feb. 4, 1977
  • Second Hawaiian Civic Club formed on the Mainland
  • Motto: ‘Onipa’a
  • Song: Makalapua
  • “The ‘Ahahui, along with it’s other Mainland Clubs, pursue to maintain an active interest in the Hawaiian language, customs, mele, and crafts, and strive to preserve the customs and culture of the Hawaiian people.”
  • Mission Statement:
    • To promote charitable, educational and cultural pursuits beneficial to all races with primary emphasis on persons born of Hawaiian ancestry or born in Hawai’i, and to actively encourage attainment of vocabulary and educational goals through the aid of, among other things, scholarship.
    • To unite the membership into working harmoniously for the benefit of all who are Hawaiian and Hawaiian-at-heart.
    • To instill in our youth of the Hawaiian community a sense of pride in their Hawaiian and American heritage, and to promote and practice the principle of good government and citizenship.
    • To contribute to the civic, economic, social health and moral welfare of our community.
    • To provide forums for free discussion of matters of public interest.
    • To actively participate in the promotion and perpetuation of cultural traditions na mele (songs) and ‘Olelo Hawai’i (Hawaiian language), consistently encouraging the learning and use thereof.
  • Contact: Keoni Jensen (Pelekikena) boyjensen50@aol.com
  • 2006 Club Activites and Achievements
    • ‘Ahahui Delegates attended and participated in the 46th Annual AHCC Convention in Kohala, Hawaii.The ‘Ahahui started the year 2006 with a New Year Celebration in January. Members were asked to bring their birth certificates so that they could participate in the Kau Inoa registration. A pot-luck luncheon followed.

      In February Aunty Luka Kanehilua passed away. Aunty Luka was very interested in helping the na keiki of the ‘Ahahui. She planned fund-raising activities to provide scholarships especially for the na keiki.

      In March the ‘Ahahui celebrated its 1st annual Kuhio Day. The day was spent in story telling and sharing information about Prince Kuhio. A Hawaiian pot-luck was enjoyed by the participants.

      The ‘Ahahui held a laulau sale fund-raiser. Al Pelayo was the chairperson for the event.

      In July the ‘Ahahui participated in the annual Alondra Park Ho’olaule’a. A Hawaiian food menu of, kalua pork, laulau, poi, lomi salmon, and rice, was served in the ‘Ahahui food booth.

      The ‘Ahahui is planning a Queen’s day celebration in September. Workshops in hula, ipu hokiokio, lei hulu, and storytelling are planned. Following a luncheon a presentation of “Ka Lei Maile Ali’i” (The Queen’s Women) will be put on by the members of the ‘Ahahui and members of the Hawaiian community.

      The ‘Ahahui has a scholarship program. This year the ‘Ahahui gave out three scholarships to deserving na keiki.


4 thoughts on “‘Ahahui o Liliuokalani Civic Club of Southern California

  1. Is there a website for this Hawaiian Civic Club of SoCal? I went to the main civic associations site and clicked on the link for them and got a “sorry this blog is closed”.

    • I do not see that information available online, but you may be able to obtain the information by contacting the current Pelekikena, John Jensen at:
      Phone: 562-926-2286
      Email: boyjensen50 at aol.com

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