The most exciting news so far…

I found a scholar who has done a ton of work on Mainland Hawaiian culture!  Her name is Rona Tamiko Halualani and she teaches at SJSU in the department of communication studies.  She wrote a book on Mainland Hawaiian culture even, In the Name of Hawaiians, which I definitely need to get my hands on, not just for my literature review, but for my entire thesis.

This discovery changes so much and I am so excited.  I am a little ashamed to say though, that I found her through a google scholar search when all of my other searches and resources came up empty handed.  Also whatʻs exciting, is she was in a PBS special, called American Aloha and Aunty Sissyʻs Halau, Halau o Lilinoe was featured.  Once i get ahold of the book, or the professor (although iʻd ike to read her book first and sound like an informed student), iʻll post more.


2 thoughts on “The most exciting news so far…

  1. There is no reason to be ashamed of having found key information through Google Scholar.

    I think instead maybe be EMBARRASSED FOR all those databases that have no accessible information about “In the name of Hawaiians” or its author.

    This is exactly why so many researchers still choose Google over the supposedly more relevant resources available. This is SUCH a good example to give Furner & Leazer for 260!

  2. Aloha e Lessa,

    Just wanted to “mahalo aku iā ʻoe” for your sharing through the blog.

    Another resource would be my cousin, Hōkūlani Aikau, professor of Political Science: Indigenous Politics at UH Mānoa. Her dissertation “Polynesian Pioneers: Twentieth Century Religious Racial Formations and Migration in Hawai‘i” deals with Hawaiians of the Mormon faith voyaging/migrating to the continent.

    Please contact her and let her know that I referred you.

    Ke aloha nō,
    Liko Puha

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