Media – Radio

Unfortunantly, hawaiian radio in southern california doesn’t have a lot of stability.  In the 80s, my kumu had a radio show, but that eventually ended.

As of Friday, August 29, the most recent hawaiian radio program, “Aloha Friday Radio” on 88.5 FM, KCSN and sponsored by CSU Northridge, ended its broadcast, being replaced by an “Americana” format.  Aloha Friday Radio was hosted by Bruddah Mike Friday evenings from 9pm-12am for 4.5 years.  You can still access the playlists from previous shows, but the podcasts found on are no longer there.

There are a few online radio stations, most streaming out of Hawai’i, such as Hawaiian Rainbow and Hawaiian 105, based out of Honolulu.

There is an online radio  station based in Lakewood, California, called Aloha Joe Radio, which calls itself “America’s Premier Hawaiian Internet Radio Station” and broadcasts 24 hours a day.  The site also sells hawaiiana merchandise and has sponsor links galore, and includes some recipes.


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